Top Stepan Agricultural Solutions Resources from 2022

December 21, 2022

Get ready for the new year by browsing through these helpful resources from 2022. We put them all in one place for you to easily access while you start working on your critical projects in 2023. 

The agrochemical industry continues to see growth in aqueous-based formulations, including suspension concentrates (SC) and suspoemulsions (SE). However, SC formulation development is not without challenges. Maintaining long-term stability of the dispersion is one key issue, as active ingredient particles must remain suspended in the concentrate and dilution stages of the product. 

The right dispersants can help overcome these challenges, however, as microplastic and additional regulations come into force in the coming years, you will need to take further considerations when selecting the appropriate co-formulant for aqueous formulations.

Stepan Agricultural Solutions considered these factors and created the following resources to help save you time:

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